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  1. Caring for your fresh roses and cut flowers

    You received a beautful flower arrangement from Flower Creations and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible.  Here are some tips for you.

    1. Fill a clean vase or container with water containing the flower food solution.
    2. Recut stems on an angle with a sharp knife (not scissors).  Remove approximately 2-4 centimetres from the bottom of the stem.
    3. Put the roses or flowers immediately in the vase filled with water and flower food solution.
    4. Keep flowers in a cool spot away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans)
    5. Remove leaves that will be below the waterline. Leaves in water will promote bacterial growth.
    6. Add water each day to keep the vase full.

    There are some tips to make your flowers last more...

  2. Roses And All Their Colors

    Roses are a beautiful and well known flower for almost an occasion. Whether you are trying to brighten up a birthday or make a move with your favorite crush, roses always seems to take the cake. Throughout history, the custom of giving flowers has been passed down by many generations, as a way to showcase and highlight the highest of feelings.

    Roses are no exception!

    Did you know the colors of roses are said to mean different things? There are over 100 species and 13,000 varieties of roses. That's a whole lot to choose from! So, which ones are best?

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  3. 5 Amazing Reasons to Send Your Mom Flowers on Mother’s Day

    5 Amazing Reasons to Send Your Mom Flowers on Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is coming up quickly.  Mother's Day is always the 2nd Sunday of the month of May.  
    Looking for a great gift?  We may be a little biased but we think flowers are the perfect gift!

    Here are five amazing reasons to give your mother flowers for Mother’s Day:

    1. Flowers make her happy. Making your mom happy is a good thing! Flowers brighten up the home and bring a cheerful feeling to any room.  Having a vase arrangement of fresh flowers on the dinner table brightens up the entire room.
    2. It will show you care.  Why not send your mom flowers on a day that truly appreciates her for who she is and all she’s done for you. 
    3. She LOVES flowers. 

    Top 5 Reasons to Send Flowers to Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to send flowers to your significant other.  When it’s cold outside and almost nothing is in bloom in the garden, sending flowers is a great way to brighten someone’s day. Take the time to celebrate that special person in your life.  Here are five reasons to send flowers this Valentine’s Day.

    1. Show Your Love
    Flowers make it easy to convey your feelings with one special gesture.  Sending red roses with a hand-written card will show your significant other the love you have for them.

    2. Express Your Admiration
    Receiving flowers is one of the highest forms of flattery. Sending flowers will help you communicate the admiration you have for your loved one.

    3. Be Romantic
    Flowers are often used to express extravagant romantic gestures in movies and in life. Give the gift of flowers to add a dash romance to your Valentine’s Day.


  5. Five Reasons to Send a Gift Basket

    Five Reasons for Giving Gift Baskets

    Finding that perfect gift for the holidays is sometimes a difficult task.  Whether you want to show your appreciation for a friendship or say Thank You to a client for their business throughout the year, it is important to convey the right message. With Epic Baskets you can tailor your basket to suit the taste preferences of the recipient. 

    The holiday season is a great time to send a gift basket.  Many gift baskets for the holidays include delectable chocolates, tasty treats and gourmet goodies, but the possibilities of what you can put in a gift basket are endless.  While there are many great reasons to send a gift basket throughout the year, an Epic Basket is the perfect choice for the holiday season.   

    Here are the top 5 reasons for giving a gift basket for the holidays:


  6. Sympathy Flowers to send

    Losing a loved one to death hits the friends and relatives of the deceased hard. At times sending sympathy flowers to these people is the most thoughtful and kindest thing you could do to them at this hard time. Flowers have a way of soothing and adding some color to a gloomy situation. Sending these flowers is a way of reminding the grieving family that you are also concerned and supportive. At Flower Creations, we can help you select the best kind to give to a grieving person.

    Best Sympathy Flowers

    We are supportive and is always ready to help you select flowers that may easily comfort the grieving persons...

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